Our Purpose

20-Somthings is for people in or around their twenties with the intention of building godly community that is guided by His Word. The transitional period in life, from high school to college/young adult, is frequently met with internal wrestling on questions of faith. The 20-Somethings ministry at Headwaters aims to encourage and reinforce the foundation of faith in the lives of our young adults. 

What We Do

Like most things at Headwaters, 20-Somethings is focused around the Bible. Both our Sunday night meeting and our Wednesday night Bible study are centered on the teaching of God’s Word and corresponding discussion. 

When & Where

20-Somethings meets on Sunday evenings at Wells St. from 7-8:30. There is also a Bible study for college students on Wednesday nights at Steve and Barb Dusseau’s home (8622 Manor Drive) that starts at 8:30. 

Contact Us

For any questions related to 20-Something you can call the church office at 260.489.4942 or email Luke Suciu at lsuciu@headwaterschurch.org