Women's Ministry Survey

survey closes Jan 16


THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this survey! Your participation is vital in helping me understand how to come alongside you in encouraging and equipping your faith

There are several sections to complete: General Information, Scheduling, Ministry to You, Ministry to Others, Activities Participation, Spiritual Life and Final Comments

The survey contains minimal areas where you have to type in a response. Most will be quick clicks in either a multiple choice format or range format. Questions required for completing the survey are indicated with a “*”. When dealing with ranges, 0-1 will always be the low range (ex: not likely) and 5 will be the high range (ex: very likely). When there is a “0” it is included because that question may not pertain to you at all

As you work through the survey, it will be best to go with your first gut response. Don’t overthink it! Please know your responses will be reviewed by me and organized into an overall spreadsheet of responses to provide a big picture view of Headwaters Women. If you expressed interest in getting involved with a current ministry, your interest and email will be forwarded to the ministry lead for that area. Then the two of you can work out any details and you can confirm your interest

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR YOUR TIME! Now it’s time to click away!