STEPS Discipleship Classes

Wednesdays | Jan 12 - April 27 | 6:30-8pm

Awana will be available for age 2 through 6th Grade. Nursery care will also be available.

Answering Common Objections to Christianity

John Herber | Free (Book Donations Accepted)
This class will primarily utilize Michael Kruger's book, Surviving Religion 101: Letters to a Christian College Student on Keeping the Faith in College. The book is intended to, "adequately prepare [Christians] to think deeply about faith." Come prepared to discuss and enrich your walk with Christ. 

Theology of Discipleship and Counseling

Scott Meinema | Free
This counseling and discipleship class is designed for those who desire to increase their understanding of biblical counseling and theology by reading/discussing together from selected books. Enjoy the benefit of reading assignments and companion notes for books from leading authors in the biblical counseling movement.

Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety(WOMEN ONLY)

Christine Overholt | Free
(Book Donations Accepted)

A women's book study that utilizes Elyse Fitzpatrick's book Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety. If you're tired of struggling with fear, worry, and anxiety you are not alone. They are surprisingly common emotions that people, even Christians, struggle with daily. Come and consider the biblical answers to these common human problems. 

Prayer Meeting

Luke Suciu
Come gather with other believers to intercede on behalf of our church's ministry. A directed prayer meeting (NOT a time of requests or praying for ailments) with a topic each week to guide corporate prayer for the ministry and the glory of God.

This Old Church

Jack Kuhn
Our building has an ongoing list of needs and Headwaters' church family has shown a desire to serve in that capacity. If you're interested you can come every Wednesday night ready to help with projects around the Church building. Feel free to use this as a chance to invite neighbors and build relationships. 

Community Chess Hour

An outreach class for chess players of any skill level. For the congregation this is an opportunity for community outreach. Come with a heart prepared to meet people and share the love of Christ. You can come and learn the rules for the first time or come to play competitively; either way, come with the Kingdom of God as your ultimate goal.