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In light of the current limitations on gathering, the church is in a difficult position. How can we faithfully carry out the mandates of biblical Christianity while not being able to meet together? We have decided that we did not want to attempt lesser versions of our usual ministries (AWANA, Youth Group, STEPs, etc.) but wanted to lean into the truth that while the home is the primary place of discipleship, in the current social situation it is almost exclusively the location of discipleship. 

To aid our church in effective discipleship within the home we are all going to work through the New City Catechism in an attempt to collectively focus our minds on the truth of who God is instead of the frustration or fear of the moment. To accompany the catechism’s straightforward teaching of Christian doctrine we will be providing suggestions for corresponding children’s activities as well as filming and releasing two video’s a week (in keeping with working through two questions a week in the catechism) that focus on applying the truth of the doctrine within the questions and answers. These videos will be released every Wednesday and Sunday.

Intro to New City Catechism by Timothy Keller (helpful if you are new to the idea of catechism)


Headwaters Catechism Schedule [ updated 5/14 ]
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